Images Who We Are

Tanzania Agricultural Services and Training (TAST) is a company established by the graduates of Sokoine University of Agriculture with the aim to deliver services and consultancy to most of the farmer especially in rural areas so that they can acquire good farming practices for food security as well as improving livelihood.

Also, TAST supports environmental policies and mitigation measures to climatic changes which are great threats to farmers such as seasonal variation of rainfall, pests and poor farming practices which results to soil problems, land degradation and finally low yield. These problems need professional agricultural skills and education to overcome them.

TAST will always work together with small, medium and large-scale farmers to know their problems and find out a solution so as to make agriculture a growing sector through provision of adequate food, employment and raw materials for industries. No matter how hard it is, TAST will work with farmers to provide necessary information, knowledge and services in order to see the flourish in agriculture sector in Tanzania and Africa in general.